Freight transport and forwarding,
comprehensive logistics services

Who we are

We are a Czech transport company established in 1992. We mainly specialize in domestic and international freight transport and forwarding. We provide transport almost all over Europe, depending on our client requirements. We are part of the GEODIS international group. We also provide our regular customers with passenger transport and storage.


The history of RAKOTRANS DOPRAVA CZ s.r.o. dates back to 1988. Vít Jirásek is one of the few Czech entrepreneurs who started their own business before the revolution in 1989. Jaroslav Náser, who had previously been employed in Autobrzdy as a driver, also sought business opportunities in freight car transport after the company’s transport section closed down. In 1992, they decided to join forces and founded Rakotrans, as an association of individuals. At that time, the Rakotrans fleet consisted of 2 Avia trucks and, in 1993, the associates purchased a third truck. The association’s activities were mainly focused on transporting components for the Rakovník factories that specialized in production for the automotive industry. The associates’ business prospered, so they were able to gradually expand the fleet. In 1995–1996, their fleet consisted of twelve cars. The Avia trucks were replaced by foreign makes, such as Volvo, Iveco and later Mercedes.

Since 2001, Rakotrans has been providing its services largely for Geodis-Rakotrans, s.r.o., owned by Vít Jirásek and Jaroslav Náser together with their French partner, CALBERSON GE.

On 1 June 2004, the associates decided to change the legal form of their business, establishing RAKOTRANS DOPRAVA CZ s.r.o.

In 2004, a completely new complex was built, including a large capacity of parking spaces, an office building, a filling station and a car wash.




In 2005, the associates and two other investors jointly built storage facilities, establishing RAKOTRANS LOGISTIKA s.r.o. This led to the expansion of services making them more comprehensive and also including warehousing services.


As part of the 16th year of CZECH TOP 100 in 2010, the company won the ČEKIA Stability Award “Outstanding AA” rating, becoming one of the most stable companies in the Czech Republic.


On 11 December 2014, the company owners took possession of their 100th Volvo at the Volvo Group Truck Center in Loděnice.