Freight transport and forwarding,
comprehensive logistics services

We provide domestic and international truck transport

Transport and forwarding

We do our best to meet our client requirements.

Our priority is a reliable fleet, so we ensure that it is regularly renewed.

We constantly optimize costs in order to provide our clients with the lowest prices.

We have our own filling station, which allows us to optimize costs and to check fuel quality.

Our vehicles are equipped with GPS. This technology allows us and our customers to monitor shipments and vehicles continuously.

We provide transport primarily using our own vehicles.

In forwarding we only work with proven partners.

Our drivers are trained professionals with many years of experience in the field.

Our dispatchers speak several languages.



In order to make our services more comprehensive, we also provide storage.

We have our own storage facilities.

We provide storage services under the name of RAKOTRANS LOGISTIKA s.r.o.

We provide 24-hour transport between warehouses and production plants.

Passenger transport

As an additional service, we also provide our regular customers with passenger transport.

For passenger transport, we use our own vehicles or we work with our partners, depending on our capacities and client needs.